Racing Team


From top level competition to product development

Top-Kart participates to all major top level competitions with a dedicated racing department, with the twin goal of being an active presence in the international racing scene and, above all, of constantly evolving its product offer with a focus on innovation and quality.  Headed directly by President Michele Mattioli, the 2014 racing team is supervised by Mauro Pozzi and is composed of the technical manager and the team of mechanics who support official drivers.

Top-Kart’s racing department is dedicated to the career of its official drivers, as well as to all Top-Kart clients. In fact, being active in international competitions allows the racing team and in turn the manufacturer to share a wealth of expertise and skills in the form of product innovation and development.

In 2015 Comer Top-Kart will launch an official Junior Team to support the drivers of the Mini class, where it has been a leading specialist name since the beginning.