Chassis Top-Kart Dreamer KZ RT20


Complete chassis Top-Kart KZ Dreamer model CIK FIA approved


Version RT20 with all accessories in magnesium!

Top-Kart, always representing the highest quality MADE IN ITALY, presents the brand new Dreamer chassis by categories with the gearbox.

Developed thanks to the experience of the best drivers in the international arena, the Dreamer is a chassis that adapts to different track conditions.

The simplicity of set-up is the strong point of this frame, with a few small adjustments and it is very easy to find the best set-up immediately when the track conditions vary or according to the driver’s driving. The braking system, V11, together with the new snap-on distributor, is very “modular” avoiding blocking of the wheels during braking.

CIK FIA approved for all KZ categories



* Homologation CIK/FIA : 011-CH-15 (expiring 31/12/2021)
* Pipes 25CrMo4 D.30/32mm
* Wheelbase 1040mm
* Axle D.50x1030x2
* Bearing Carrier Magnesium
* Adjustable front and rear ride height
* Steering column with three Ackerman positions
* Aluminum pedals with spring system
* Magnesium wheels set TOP-KART 130-210 (Optional Douglas Wheels)
* Magnesium front/rear wheel hubs (ant.65mm, post. 115mm)
* Chrome stub axles with D.25mm shaft with 10mm screw
* Self adjusting V11 brake system CRG
* Light alloy brake caliper support black anodized
* Seat IMAF F6 Silver with TOP-KART logo
* Removable Tank 9,0lt.
* Steering Wheel Alcantare with logo TOP-KART, complete of support for telemetry
* Front spoiler KG 506 pearl white, with CIK fixing system
* Side pods KG 506 pearl white
* Front Panel KG 506 pearl white
* Rear Bumper KG Clob Black
* Alluminum muffler support for all exhauts
* TOP-KART graphics, including floor panel
* Adjustable aluminum foot rest black anodized