Telaio Top-Kart Kid Kart RT20


Complete chassis Top-Kart Blue Eagle MINI

Winner of numerous national and international titles, the new Blue Eagle Top-Kart for Mini and Baby 60cc categories has arrived

Equipped with the new 04 / FR / 20 approved brake system, it is the ideal frame for all young drivers.


* Homologation ACI CSAI: 17-CH-14 / 01-VO-14 (expiring 31/12/2021)
* Pipes 25CrMo4 D.28mm
* Wheelbase 950mm
* Axle D.30×960
* Aluminium Bearing Carrier
* Adjustable front and rear ride height
* Steering column with two Ackerman positions
* Aluminium wheels set TOP-KART 112-140
* Aluminium rear wheel hubs
* Chrome stub axles with D.17mm shaft with 8mm screw
* Top-Kart 04/FR/20 Brake System
* Light alloy brake caliper support black anodized
* Seat IMAF F6 Silver with TOP-KART logo
* Removable Tank 5.6lt.
* Steering Wheel Alcantare with logo TOP-KART, complete of support for telemetry
* Front spoiler KG MK14 pearl white, with CIK fixing system
* Side pods KG MK14 pearl white
* Front Panel KG MK14 pearl white
* Rear Bumper KG Tris Mini Black
* Alluminum muffler support for all exhauts
* TOP-KART graphics, including floor panel